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The cost of participating in sports leagues and activities is increasing every year. School athletic programs have cut out sports due to budget constraints and many schools now charge a fee to athletes just to participate in their programs. This leaves many kids without any chance of ever taking part in the sport they love. Young Athletes Relief Fund is working hard to change this one child, one school and one community at a time.

Reaching out to level the playing field in all communities

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Saturday April 25th!  Join us for our 2nd Annual Bowling Night Fundraiser at the AMF PEORIA LANES!

Only $12 per person! 50/50 Raffle and other raffle prizes! Special Musical Guest:


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Started in 2013, Young Athletes Relief Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for youths that can't afford to play sports or activities. Through fundraising events and your contributions, we can also help our young athletes play and not just sit and watch. And they can receive scholarships to further their education. We're also taking big steps to help those schools that don't have the financial resources to better their athletic departments.

Join us in helping us reach out to kids who are less fortunate than others. Many have great athletic talent but don't have the chance to show it on the field for a team, club or school they love. Participation in sports also helps them learn valuable lessons, helps fight against childhood obesity and perform better in academics.

Meet Our Team

Jaime Canedo

President and founder of Young Athletes Relief Fund. Jaime also serves as director of community relations

 Audree Canedo

 With a big heart for helping young athletes, Audree  serves our board as Vice President and our secretary   


Jason Lee
 A professional attorney, Jason came aboard to serve as our consultant. He keeps watch over our foundation to make sure that Young Athletes Relief Fund is operating in the most professional legal manner and living up to our strict code of ethics. Mr. Lee's focus is in Small Business law, Bankruptcy, Probate Estate Planning, Landlord/Tenant, Mediation.

Brian Johnson (Not Pictured)

With many years of experience as a professional accountant, Brian serves our board as our financial accountant, advisor and consultant. He is endorsed by many and respected amongst his peers. 

Tony Herrera (Not Pictured)
CEO of ONE CONSULTING, Tony immediately saw the vision of our foundation and came aboard to serve as business relations coordinator. Thanks to Tony we make all the right connections with all the right businesses to get the support this foundation needs.

Meet Kevin Kogbara! Kevin's mother a hardworking woman from Nigeria works hard to give him a good life. But the costs of league fees almost kept him out of playing in the summer league with his team.

 Thanks to the money we raised at our Bowling Night Fundraiser, Young Athletes Relief Fund took care of that problem!

Meet Mike Martinez!  Mike stepped up to the plate and is the President of the South Mountain Little League in South Phoenix.  After having their field vandalized earlier this year from the scoreboard damaged, outfield fence stolen, and even the underground pipe field sprinkler stolen! The community came together to help restore the field for the little athletes that play here.

 Our foundation also stepped up to the plate and donated a check to the league to help Mike and the staff make this league better for the youths of this community! Another benefit from our Bowling Night Fundraiser.

This is Jordan Wenz! A rockin young female vocalist living her dreams playing in a teen-age rock band! The daughter of a single mother and teacher, we stepped up to the plate to help her mother and pay one month's tuition for Jordan's music class, and to show appreciation for her mother who educates our youths and future of tomorrow!

               sink or swim survival swim lesson next summer 2015!

For more info or if you are interested in putting your child in our program, contact us!

Abby Raber. One of seven sisters and one baby brother! When were notified that this young 17 year old ballerina was having her own fundraiser to buy ballet shoes and also raise money to buy a Harp! Yes a Harp! This young lady is a talented Harp player and has a has the dream to play on as a career. But that's a pretty penny to play such an instrument! So we stepped up and donated a check to help her reach her goal of purchasing that Harp!